Be a Friend to Your Community – Invite Them to Church!

Friend Sunday is March 1, 2015. Plan a special service and empower your members to invite people in the community to attend. It’s easy and effective:

  • 82% of people who don’t attend church say they would attend IF invited by a friend
  • Your church’s best evangelism tools are your members and regular attenders – inspire and empower them and see your attendance grow.
  • Participating in Friend Sunday provides your church with an invite-able event in spring in addition to Back to Church Sunday in the fall,  and gets your church’s name and information out in the community through invitations, social media and word of mouth.

How to Get Started

Step 1 - Put Your Church on the Roster- FREE
Click here to add your church to the roster. Help people in your community find a church to attend on Friend Sunday.

Step 2 - Start Planning - Get the Downloadable Church Kit
Prepare your church with these valuable e-resources included in the Church Kit: event planning guide with ideas and tips, customizable sermon, new videos, web graphics and digital marketing guide, PowerPoint slides, and more!

Step 3 - Get Your Church Ready
Studies show that church visitors make a decision about returning within the first 5 minutes of their church experience. Is your church ready to effectively receive visitors and ensure they feel welcomed? Use the resources in your kit to prepare your greeters, children’s ministry and other key areas.

Step 4 - Build Excitement in Your Church and Empower Members
Your members are your most effective means of outreach, so make sure they know your church is participating and equip them to become inviters.  For invitation tools visit our store.

Step 5 - Invite Your Community to Attend
While your members invite their friends and family to attend, cast a broader net by inviting everyone around your church to your big event! Send direct mail postcard invitations, post a banner outside your building, and provide your local media channels with your church’s event information to help spread the word. 

Step 6 - Plan a Follow-up Series and Small Groups to Connect Visitors
Keep visitors coming back by launching a new sermon series and inviting them to your Easter events. Promote your next series on Friend Sunday and motivate people to check it out the next week. Click here for some follow up ideas!